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Born during the process of re-designing our main business website iRH Designs (irhdesigns.com), our blog The World Of Design and How We See It, was created as a reading resource for our clients, addressing the intricacies of the design industry; including its many forms, elements and principles and how such "multiplicity" affects us psychologically, culturally and as consumers. As such things continue to evolve and change, we will update our articles to reflect the necessary design elements needed in today's visual communication medium.

Through extensive research, real-life application and industry knowledge, the articles presented in this blog, account for our up to date understanding of the ever-changing technological world we live in and diverse industry we specialise in, so we can remain cognisant to its relevance in both our own business and that of our clients and customers (and the design industry).

Our articles, within this website, cover a wide variety of topics and commonly asked questions, to assist you in making important decisions regarding your business's marketing and advertising choices. In a consumer dominated world, who have the power and right to public opinion given the freedom of speech within social media, marketing and advertising is even more complex than it used to be. Media consumption habits are shifting, and understanding consumption preferences is becoming increasingly more important in attempting to capture and maintain audiences, enhance a brand and reach sales targets, while return on investment remain at the forefront of a business's expenditure despite tight budgets.  The world of branding, marketing and advertising (areas of the Graphic Design industry which we specialise in) has seen an increase in digital content which continues to evolve. An organisations' strategies to these factors now need to consider them more closely than ever before; how consumer behaviours influence the platforms they use to deliver content, what advertising and other revenue models they can adopt as part of their individual strategy and what cross-industry partnerships they can pursue to build a competitive advantage.


Maintaining a balanced diet, embracing both digital content and continuing to invest in non-digital media, are essential. The social ecosystem that consumers interact with in their day-to-day lives and use to discover and consume content and engage with businesses/brands is only one piece of the puzzle, despite what many may think. Yes, consumers have eagerly adopted digital media, but is not necessarily the mainstream or preferred method by the majority. Studies have shown, that a brand's demographic involves Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z audiences, so catering to all is essential. The rise in technology has made the need for Content Marketing more prominent (and easier), with a focus on developing a narrative that goes way beyond a product being sold and ways to engage an audience, covering various channels to drive profitable consumer behaviours. A business can both learn from the mistakes made by others and employ strategies and elements from those currently leading the way, as well as adopting trends that "capture" an audience in an over-saturated market. While guarantee is still insecure, businesses need to embrace change (but not for change’s sake), always looking for effective alternatives and new ideas, to bring a project to its fruition and see the design process as a way of developing purposeful and innovative solutions that embody functional and aesthetic demands based on the needs of the intended user.

As designers, that's what we do. We create visual concepts, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers, based on client’s needs and the needs or desired relationships of a brand. Think better; better ideas, better experiences, better strategies and better results. IRH Designs is a full-service end to end creative agency aimed at "solving problems creatively" (our motto). Collaborating with us and our services is an investment for your business (often tax deductible) and the relationship gained, one worth fostering. Creativity is our motivation. Payment is the reward we receive for doing what we love, well.

Have a look at our articles within this blog website covering topics on colour knowledge and theory, colour psychology, the elements and principles of design, an understanding of branding, logo design, advertising and marketing, trends and success stories and more. Feel free to contact us for more information on how collaborating with us can help your business goals and prospects. For now, enjoy, and we look forward to hearing from you and/or working with you in the future.


Our business iRH Designs, is a privately owned and operated, sole trading, freelance, boutique creative agency that specialises in Graphic Design; print media, advertising, branding, visual identity, web design and interactive media. Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, we service clients around Australia and overseas with an aim to create high-impact solutions for print, web and digital applications, covering everything from logo design, corporate identity, branding, marketing, advertising, publicity and promotions. With the evolving world of technology, demographics and geography, are no longer an issue. As a privately owned and operated, sole trading, freelance, boutique creative agency we  can offer more affordable design solutions and prices, as we have fewer overheads than larger design agencies, that can be tailored to your business's needs.

We aim to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. produce results that are second to none, successful, timeless, professional and on target with defined objectives, offering a wide range of reasonably priced graphic and website design services, establishing and enhancing brands. 


Whether you are a start-up, individual or corporation/organisation; from simple logos to get you up and running or in need of a complete rebrand of your corporate identity (and everything in-between), we can help. No matter the job, iRH Designs will work closely with you, from the initial consultation to the final product and all the way through. 

Visit our website for more information and a list of services we can offer or drop us a line below.

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